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tv   11 News at 5AM  NBC  November 22, 2010 5:00am-6:00am EST

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start to slow things down a little bit. we will see what is happening temperaturewise. upper 40's at the airport. east wind and that is what is creating the fog this morning. there are patches of drizzle as well. by the time we get to lunch the clouds will break up and we will have sunshine and close to 60. we will look at the forecast for the holiday coming up,but now we will say good morning to sarah. >> good morning, everyone. one accident of note on the top side outer loop approaching j.f.x. an accident taking up the right lane. one vehicle involved apparently hit the jersey wall. rest of the major roads pretty good and once you get to the west side you are running smoothly at 46 miles an hour. 795 good out of the owings mills area and problem free on harrisburg expressway. 52 on southbound 95 to the beltway northeast. no problems on the fort mchenry
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or harbor tunnel. top side near the j.f.x. so far looking good despite the fact we have the outer loop accident approaching the j.f.x. in the right lane. we go to green spring and problem free here. inner loop going away from us to the j.f.x. on the j.f.x. a smooth ride into town. back to you. >> our big story this morning a state corrections officer is found murdered in a home in east baltimore and the suspect may be connected to a barricade situation. kim dacey is live at baltimore city police headquarters with the details. >> good morning. police have identified a person of interest in the shooting and think he may also be connected to a barricade situation yesterday. it was just before 4:00 sunday morning that police found 28-year-old sharon jones shot to death in her friend's home in the 1700 block of aisquith
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street. she was a maryland correctional officer who worked in the pretrial unit. after her body was discovered police went to jones's home on edge comb circle in west baltimore to search for more clues and surrounded her apartment and blocked off streets several hours because of what they found there. >> when homicide detectives came they saw some blood on the door and then had reason to believe the individual was inside. at that point they contacted swat units. >> when police got inside no one was there so the person of interest remains on the run. police think jones may have known her killer but they have not commented on what her relationship might be with him. back to you. >> also in the city police are investigating a shooting in southwest baltimore. police say a man was shot in the arm and shoulder on collins avenue about 9:00 last night.
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he was taken to a hadn't and he is expected to survive. this morning there is no word on a suspect or motive. a sad ending to a baltimore mother's search for heritage son. last weekend he went missing and one day later his body was found in milton, massachusetts. according to his stepsister he just moved to north carolina with his father and she believes he was trying to return to baltimore. >> an update to the body found along interstate 70 in maryland last week. police in d.c. say they have made an arrest in the shooting death of 36-year-old yacobo vasquez. marvin polencia is charged with murder. vasquez's body was found last tuesday in a cardboard box along i-70. he was shot on november 12 in d.c. no word on a possible motive. fire officials are trying to figure out what sparked a fire in canton yesterday morning in
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the 800 block of south monford avenue. >> members of the baltimore city police department gathered it pay respects and honor those who lost their lives in the line of duty. the police commissioner says it is all about offering support to families and friends who lost loved ones. >> it is to show solidarity and support and our commitment to their survivors, to their wives, sons, daughters and mothers and friends left behind. >> he says he even received advice on how to cope with the recent deaths of three friends in the departments. >> ravens quarterback joe flacco says the game last night was like a hole game, a huge gathering of ravens fans invaded charlotte to watch them blow out
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the panthers and coming off the loss last week they used the inexperience of the panthers' backup quarterback and brought home a 37-13 win over the panthers and they remain in first place in their division. >> controversy continues over the new airport security measures and now the t.s.a. seems to be giving up ground. kate amara joins us live from our washington bureau with the latest. hi, kate. >> hi, stan. maybe a course correction. head of t.s.a. says the screenings are part of an evolving program that are being refined to strike a balance between security and privacy. as america heads to the busiest travel day of the year the public uproar continues over new aorta security screening -- airport screening. body scans and patdowns that are
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called invasive. >> i don't want people to be irradiated and sexually assaulted by t.s.a. agents. >> even hillary clinton said she would hesitate to submit to a patdown. >> not if i could avoid it. who would? >> still, clinton joined other white house officials in defending the methods. >> if we are to detect terrorists who have proven to be innovative and creative in their design and implementation of pwoplts that will blow up airplanes we have to do something that prevents that. >> in a statement to politico the head of the t.s.a. says the program will be adapted as conditions warrant to make procedures as minimally invasive as possible. a shift in stance amid criticism the new rules were not introduced properly. >> if they really believed this was a response to a genuine threat why not make the case to the american public? >> the head of the t.s.a. took
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responsibility for not advertising the new screening policy to the public saying he didn't want to provide a road map to the terrorists. back to you. >> so, kate, what can we expect to see at airports over the holiday weekend? >> well, triple averages is warning fliers to expect long lines at security because of the new procedures that they take longer than the old way. but there is a grassroots movement that could take longer. growing support for the national optout day which is encouraging fliers on the day before thanksgiving to not go for the full body scanner and force airport t.s.a. screeners to take more time with physical patdowns. consider yourself warned. >> will we hear more what is the line the "useguy used don't touy junk? >> i think you can expect to hear a lot of that the next
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tpafew days. >> thank you, kate. that brings us to our water cooler question of the day. do the new t.s.a. search methods have you rethinking your air travel plans? e-mail your response to >> that line really resonated with you didn't it? >> a lot of folks. >> a carjacking turns deadly on a pennsylvania university camp pulls. >> a possible break-through in the case of natalee holloway. >> here is a live look at traffic the beltway at liberty road. we will have more on weather and traffic when we come
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>> welcome back. it is 10 after faculty. you e see a little bit of fog. we will see fog, a little bit of
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drizzle then the clouds will break up heading into this afternoon. it will get better through the day but visibility will be down to start out. we will be close to 60 once the sun breaks through. it will be a nice day but it will be a little murky to start. when we come back we will check the forecast. but now to the news desk. >> covering the nation, a carjacking ends in a shooting on the university of pennsylvania campus. this began early yesterday morning when philadelphia police began chasing a vehicle involved in a carjacking. the driver crashed into a barrier near the campus. the two suspects tried to flee on foot. one of them was killed during a shootout with police and no other injuries were reported. a second suspect was taken in. >> d.n.a. test results may yield a major development in the mysterious case of natalie hallway as authorities review the dental records and analyze a jaw bone found last week by a tourist. officials have yet to confirm whether it is human.
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holloway disappeared in 2005 along a high school graduation trip. joran van der sloot is expected in the disappearance. >> it is 5:11. coming up the business news in the bloomberg business report and how sales could be a sign the economy is on the mend. >> we have an accident that we will fill it and check for other
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>> this morning so far we have
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one problem. >> one accident in a busy spot around the j.f.x. outer loop there right lane taken up by the crash. we are watching for delays but right now still moving pretty well. day to the left and you should be ok. good on the west side at 47 miles an hour. volume picking up on southbound 95 out of the northeast. still running at a good clip. 52 miles an hour toward the beltway. fort mchenry and harbor tunnel fine. glen burnie 97 at 100 it is 46 miles an hour there. live view in the area of the beltway near the harrisburg expressway and coming toward us is outer loop traffic near the scene of the crash. looks like it is in pretty good shape. live view at 50 and sandy point. pretty foggy this and we have fog warnings in effect at the bay bridge. so far no delays reported at the toll plaza. let's get the latest on buses
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and trains with kurt kroncke of the m.t.a. hope you had a great weekend. >> i did. we are looking at a smooth commute on the rails right now. light rail metro on schedule. marc trains on time on penn, camden and brunswick. buses 20 and 30 buses diverting at old frederick due to construction. for the m.t.a. i'm kurt kroncke. back to tony pann. good morning, tony. >> good morning, everyone. a little bit of fog to start the day. not a big deal but keep it in mind. could affect the drive time a him bit. 48 at the airport, 46 in westminster and 45 in randallstown. fairly uniform temperatures. we could see low clouds thanks to the east wind that is developing. it will take a couple of hours to break up. this morning and early in the afternoon we will have sunshine to break that you. we could see rain on the other side of the mountains. those showers will catch up to us tomorrow afternoon and some
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snow in the northern plains. there is seriously cold air moving out of the southern part of canada. northern plains right now are below zero. two below in billings montana, a little bit of that air will slide in here after the holidays so this will be a roller coaster ride with the temperatures this week. today a mixture of clouds and sunshine. the clouds, fog and drizzle early this morning then sunshine this afternoon. the high in the upper 50's and low 60's. tonight partly cloudy and seasonably cool. back into the 40's. this is the busiest tile of year traveling so i we would look. up and down the east coast the weather will be nice and mild. could be rain in new york, same in atlanta but 71 for a high in atlanta. 83 in tampa. dry and chilly in chicago. maybe thunderstorms itdallas. seattle had snow yesterday. not tomorrow but it will be cold. high only 35 there.
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expect winterlike conditions. here we will jump the other way. 65 on tuesday with a chance of rain in the afternoon. dry wednesday, down to 55. showers likely on thanksgiving day with a high near 58. then it gets colder into the weekend. maybe light rain or snow friday with a high near 47. we should stay in the 40's through sunday. >> in this morning's consumer alert gas continues to rise in time for the holidays. prices have reportedly jumped nearly five cents from two weeks ago and the national average is $2.87. here the average price for up le leaded gas is up one cent compared it a week ago. experts say the increase is linked to demand. cars that right hand on diesel are making a comeback. this b.m.w. is becoming popular
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with consumers. diesels are much cleaner and up to 40% more fuel efficient and perform better than the models of prior years. if they are in the kelly blue book top 10 green cars for 2010 but they make up only 3% of the light vehicle market. amazon is making its kindle e-reader books easy to give as christmas presents. they have a button that allows you to give them to anyone with an e-mail address. you don't have to have the kindle itself to read them. there are apps for devices. a department store giant is bucking the trend again on when to break out the decorations. we have more on who it is and why they do it. >> it is a common complaint heard for decades over retailers that launch christmas earlier each year. a lot of retailers go directly
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from trick or treat to seasons greetings and customers don't like it. even consumers advocates complain the rush to cash in on christmas means thanksgiving gets overlooked. >> you should not be slave any longer to the retailer's shopping schedule. i think you should own your own thanksgiving. >> but it is not an issue at nordstrom. their halls are never decked with boughs holiday before turkey is served. it is a long standing tradition for the seattle based retailer to wait until the day after thanksgiving to put up decorations for christmas. notices to that effect have been going up in its display windows and to the delight of an appreciative public. >> thanksgiving. that is good. >> i prefer seeing it after
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thanksgiving. give us tile to be thankful -- time to be thankful. >> forgoing a chance to boost the bottom line they stick with tradition and probably gets the boost anyway. >> it seems the american dream is now a rental. bankrupt video chain blockbuster is making a last ditch evident to show it is still alive. jane king has the bloomberg business news. >> good morning. a lot of jitters over european debt that has been hurting stocks. the luck of the irish may come to our aid. ireland over the weekend agreeing to a bailout to save its banks. stock futures are higher on that news. friday commodities fell as china said it would make moves to curcurb its booming economy. a report from fannie mae says more americans say their next home will probably be a rental.
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it reports 60% of those who currently rent are likely to continue rather than buy a hole if they were to move. from renting homes to renting movies, blockbuster is spending millions on a campaign to tell america it is still here and it has an advantage over rivals. the goal of the campaign is to tout its exclusive deals for hollywood attitudes to rent new d.v.d.'s 28 days ahead of competitors. expect to see those ads starting tonight. ladies lingerie may be the latest barometer of economic health and good times they tend to spend more on themselves. strong sales at victoria's secret high ends bra could be an indicator of major economic trend here. one that women are willing to buy things for themselves not just others and the shoppers are willing toen indulge in things -- to indulge in things other
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than the basics. back to you. >> a bra barometer for the economy. who would have thought? tony, would you have thought of that? >> i already thought of it. >> i got it. why not. >> see you back at 6:15 for the report. >> it is 5:23, 48 degrees. we will get another look at the morning commute. >> e-mail us your answer to our water cooler question of the day. do the new several methods have you rethinking your air travel plans? you can e-mail us at
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>> the national mall was a site for the help the homeless walk-a-on this. hundreds came for the trek to the tidal basin. fannie mae created the help the homeless program in 1988.
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since then it is the largest fund-raising collaboration focused on homelessness. it caps each year with a walk-athon on the saturday before thanksgiving. it has raised more than $80 million in the district of columbia. thousands of runners hit the treats in philadelphia for a marathon. 11,000 laced up for it. an american run are won the men's race and a woman from the netherlands race won the women's race. >> you might say the newest member of one japanese police force has a nose for the job. meet momo which means peach it japanese. it is assigned to work as a police doing.
5:27 am
she had to pass a screening test to make the cut. she is cute. less than five minutes she was able to sniff out a police officer who hid himself. she will be on call starting in january. she is the first chihuahua to join any police force in that country in 50 years. she is intimidating. >> she looked like a little geisha chihuahua. the some time now 5:27. coming up in the next half hour -- >> police are still searching for the person who killed a state correctional officer. i'm kim dacey and i have that story in a live report. >> baltimore city jumps one notch as the most dangerous city in america. >> we have a little bit fog and drizzle this morning, but i think the sun will break out later and we will talk about that and check the seven-day. >> we will talk about the
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morning commute. we have one accident clearing on the top side of the beltway. we will let you know if it will impact your
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>> welcome back to "11 news today." >> thanks for joining us. let's check the weather and traffic. shorter workweek for a lot of folks. almost doesn't feel like work. >> ok, let's go home. to that end i will do the travel forecast in a few minutes. today it almost seems like two different days. we start with cloud, position, drizzle, then this afternoon the sun will come out and it will be pretty nice. right now 48 at the airport. humidity 93%. east wind and that is packing in the clouds at the present time. we will start with the murkiness, fog and drizzle and clouds. by lunch the sun will break
5:31 am
through. high near 60. turn out to be a pretty decent day. when i come back we will do the travel weather and seven-day forecast. >> commute is good. one problem of note on the outer loop top side approaching the j.f.x. an accident off to the side. it was blocking the right lane. right now the speed sensor indicates 51 miles an hour. 48 on the west side at 795, 52 southbound 95 down from the white marsh area. j.f.x. smooth at this hour, no problems at the tunnels. pretty smooth ride on 95 through howard county past 32 around 51 miles an hour. 11 minutes on the outer loop east side. seven minutes south on 895 from the 95 merge to the harbor tunnel tolls. we will show you what is going on on the top side. no sign of delay with that accident in the process of being
5:32 am
cleared. live view of foggy start at the bay bridge as tony mentioned, fog an issue in some areas and warnings are in effect at the bridge. that is the latest on "traffic pulse 11." back to you. >> our big story, the search continues for the person who murdered a female state corrections officer. police believe the suspect may be responsible for barricade situation. kim dacey joins us from the baltimore city police headquarters with more. >> city police say they have identified a person of interest in the murder but are not releasing his name. they say he may also be responsible for a barricade situation yesterday. just before 4:00 sunday morning police found 28-year-old sharon jones shot to death inside a home in the 1700 block of aisquith street. >> it is a shame what the world is coming to. >> she was a maryland correctional officer this worked in the baltimore city pretrial
5:33 am
unit. her body was found in a friend's home in east baltimore. later at the went back to jones's home on edgecomb circle. >> when homicide detectives came they saw some blood on the door and then had reason to believe the individual was inside. at that point they karbgted swat units. they blocked the street for several hours thinking he was barricaded. but when they went in no one was there. some neighbors say they think they know the person police are looking for and they are shocked by the connection. >> he would say hi and bye. he was not the type of guy that would do that. i hope he didn't do what i think he did. >> police say they think jones may have known her killer but they are not releasing any relationship between the two. reporting live at pa headquarters, kim dacey.
5:34 am
>> also in the city police identified two victims from over the weekend. jerry thomas was killed friday night during a triple shooting in the 1500 block of popular grove. carlton feldman was shot on swann avenue. he died at a hospital later. no arrests in either case. >> two baltimore churches took in 42 guns saturday as part of a buy-back initiative. police will check to see if any of the weapons were used in crimes. also this weekend baltimore mayor stephanie rawlings-blake revealed a new gun reform effort. it is named of the late city councilmember ken harris who was gunned down in 2008. on sunday the mayor said the bill will target serious violent offenders and tougher sentences adding 40% of individuals charged with murder have previous gun offenses on their record. >> we have seniors who are afraid to walk out at night because they are afraid for
5:35 am
their safety. these are people whose homes are paid for. they are not going anywhere. yet they are prisoners in their own home. the individuals that should be prisoners and be kept off the streets are arrested and released or arrested and given such little sentences that they are not inclined to change their behavior. >> the mayor, who is still in her first year of office, spoke on a number of topics praising teachers for new contracts that links pay increase to student performance and confirming she will run for mayor in the 2011 election. baltimore city takes the 11th spot on the list of most dangerous cities in america. this according to c.q. press which looked at six types of crime. murder, rape, aggravated assault, burglary and motor vehicle theft. st. louis, camden, flint and oakland were in the top five of the safest it is colony, new york.
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by the way in another survey by c.q. press maryland was found to be the eighth most dangerous state. retailers are offering all sorts of bargains but as you head out to shop early will the customer service measure up to your expectation? >> we are putting retailers to the test. lisa robinson explains. >> hopefully the service you receive will be great but that wasn't always the case for the secret shopper. the i-team's hidden camera went to more than a dozen stores. she will make purchases and give us her overall opinion. >> they are getting a b or f. >> some do very well. >> i was greeted from the second i walked in. >> but one doesn't measure up. >> i asked do you work here and he was like shook his head what do you think. the annual customer service test. which do the best and which don't live up to the secret
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shopper's expectation. >> with thanksgiving just a few days away we want to help you save money this year. find out how in a special section on the website to have thanksgiving dinner for under $30. to see the list go to and click on consumer alert. a new book from good house keeping reveals that not knowing right portion size is a diet downfall. you could be taking in hundreds of extra calories each day and not realize it. good housekeeping came one a good visual guide to retrain your brain on how much is enough. you should eat half a cup of pasta which is like the size of a tennis ball. instead of a half a cup of salad dressing two tablespoons or what you would get in a shot glass. bagels should be no larger than a size of a woman's compact and three ounces of protein which is
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about the size of your >> phone. if you get this book for free we here on the morning crew have five copies of it to give away. >> you can enter for a chance to win a free copy of "drop five pounds." we have a link on the facebook page. starting tomorrow we will announce a winner and if you do win call us by 5:00 p.m. that day to claim your prize. >> we will keep it going until friday. complete rules are on good luck, everybody. >> it is now 5:38. 48 degrees on tv hill. it is monday, folks. give me a break. a popular painkiller is pulled because of negative side effects. >> a link between hormone therapy and dementia. and e-mail your answer to our water cooler question of the day. do the new t.s.a. search methods have you rethinking travel plans? e-mail your response to
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>> we have been tracking an accident on the top side of the beltway. we will let you know if any new prob
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>> welcome back. the time is now 5:41. live shot from the beltway at liberty road and you see a little bit of fog and haze, even a touch of drizzle in some neighborhoods. 50 downtown and 40's in the suburbs. it will be better through the morning. the low cloud deck will burn off. we start with the fog, drizzle, some clouds and then by this afternoon it turns out to be a nice day. high near 60. when we come back we will check the forecast heading in thanksgiving. >> in our medical alert a new
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study finds a link between hormone therapy and dementia. research e researchers found women who began hormone therapy late in life had a 48% increased risk of dementia compared to women who never had who were therapy. but when they took it during mid-life only they had a 26% decreased risk. >> the f.d.a. has announced withdrawal of some popular painkillers. the manufacturers of darvon and darvocet are taking them off the market. they are showed to cause changes to the heart and could lead to be a normal heart reufrpls. they took place we patients were taking standard doses. >> it is 5:42 and 48 degrees. still ahead, the ravens came back in full force kenseth the panther panthers: >> the annual festival of trees kick off this friday. i have the scoop just aheat
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>> good morning. to you sarah caldwell checking the morning commute. there are a few things to watch. fog is one of them in some spots. outer loop approaching j.f.x. an accident clearing and another problem in rieisterstown at cockies mill road some police activity. 52 miles an hour according to the sensor on southbound 95. we are tracking a sluggish spot on southbound 90 glen burnie at 100. white marsh going away from us is southbound traffic and at a pretty good clip. down close are to the beltway is when it starts to slow up a little bit. 50 at sandy point aside from fog moving without delay. but there are fog warnings at the bay bridge. that is the latest. now the latest on buses and trains with kurt kroncke of the
5:46 am
m.t.a. >> we are moving nicely on the buses. we have a diversion affecting 20 and 30 at old frederick due to construction. light rail on time. metro subway on time east and west. marc trains looking good. no chase on any of the lines of marc. for the m.t.a. i'm kurt kroncke. back it tony pann. good morning, tony. >> thank you, sir. a little bit of fog and drizzle this morning. we will talk about that and check the forecast going into thanksgiving since we are indeed into the holiday season. we will say good morning to sandra shaw at the timonium fair grounds and will help us get further in the frame of mind. >> this has been gone on 21 years the annual festival of trees. more than 600 trees, gingerbread men and what else? >> 600 altogether. yesterday we had all the volunteers out and it was
5:47 am
amazing. families decorating trees and wreaths and people coming with their gingerbread and they are so creative. we couldn't do it without the volunteers. >> it is a nice assault on the senses when you come in. we have beautiful trees behind us and they have different themes. there is a competition between the trees. >> yes and people get serious about the competition. >> bigger and better. >> i have had phone calls saying why didn't i win. >> they are all beautiful and people can take them home when it is over. >> we sell all the trees. everything is for sale. >> so you can buy it decorated. >> we have it delivered. >> we have entertainment on the stage every hour on the hour, great entertainment. we have milk shake out this year. kids love it. they will be here about three times. saturday night 5:30 dorothy ham sexual coming to -- hamel is coming to read.
5:48 am
we have a raffle this year that is wild. two super bowl tickets, two airplane tickets and a hotel in dallas, texas. and it is only $2 for one ticket, three for $5. >> the way ravens are playing you never know. it starts friday and the hours? >> 10:00 to 9:00 saturday and sunday 10:00 to 6:00. if santa had a theme park this is it. >> great for children. >> yes. we have an area at least 50,000 square feet of just children's things. merry go round. gingerbread making, arts and crafts. >> you have to come down and check it out. 21st annual festival of trees kicking off friday. we will see some fog this morning, low clouds, light drizzle but nothing significant showing up on h.d. doppler. we won't really see any rain chances until later.
5:49 am
we will have milder than normal conditions. by later this afternoon maybe clearing up to 60. give yourself a little extra time because it is a little drizzle and foggy. >> a great combination, milk shakes and christmas trees. >> exactly. it will be great. >> it is going to feel more like wintery type stuff by the ends of the week. meantime it will be relatively mild for this time of year heading to thanksgiving. 48 right now, 43 in parkton. 47 in parkville and fog and drizzle in some neighborhoods. i don't think it is a significant thing but keep in maintained while you are driving to work the visibility may be down a little bit. there is rain on the other side of the mountains through the ohio valley and that will catch us tomorrow and we could see snow across the northern plains. there is some seriously arctic air coming out of the southern part of canada. it is two below zero in billings, montana. a little chunk of that air will
5:50 am
slide over toward us by the end of the week. before it gets here it will warm up significantly. today we will start out with clouds, fog and drizzle and then by this afternoon we will have sunshine to break that you. it will be a nice day later on. high near 60. overnight partly cloudy and temperatures will drop back in the 40's. sunset at 4:47. speaking of holiday things, i thaought we would expand the view. people getting out of town tomorrow and wednesday and here is the travel forecast for around the country tomorrow. anywhere up and down the east coast mild but wet. rain likely in new york with a high near 63. 71 in atlanta. 83 in tampa. all of florida looks great. sunshine with temperatures in the 80's. 75 in dallas, chilly but dry in chicago with a high of 44. could be a mix of rain and snow in denver. seattle they had a couple of inches of snow yesterday which is very unusual. it should be dry on tuesday but cold with a high near 35.
5:51 am
los angeles may be a couple of rain showers with a high near 61. seven-day forecast, here it will be mild on tuesday with a high near 65. chance of rain. drying and cooler wednesday. thanksgiving day pretty good chance of rain with a high in the upper 50's. then it turns chilly. by the ends of the week the highs in the 40's, overnight lows in the 20's. there could be a couple of lingering rain showers friday as well but saturday and sunday look dry. >> it is 5:51 and 48 degrees. much more ahead on "11 news today." >> including a look at one of your answers to our water cooler question of the day. >> this is a look at the winning maryland lottery numbers last night. [ older brother ] hey, that's the last crescent.
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>> time to get to one of your answers. we asked you do you think the new t.s.a. search methods have you rethinking travel? >> janet says i'm thinking of avoiding flying to avoid being embarrassed. i'm not sure which is more embarrassing the full body or personal hands on. i understand security but metal detectors are invasive enough. maybe flying is getting too friendly. i think i will take the train. >> keep e-mailing responses to we will read more the next hour and we will post them on the front page of our website.
5:55 am
>> good morning. the ravens started quick, hit the skids for a quarter and finished strong and take care of business in charlotte. 37- 37-13. they rout the panthers where an army of ravens fans watched them strike quick. watch it pass from flacco to t.j. houshmandzadeh. that is right on the money. 56 yards, just like that it is 7-0. it was 2fwas 20-6. brian st. pierre to david geddes. in is an 88-yard touchdown and 20-13 early in the fourth quarter. it was 23-13 a few minutes later then ed reed makes the big play. st. pierre and let the fun begin, folks. this is just the start of it. ed cuts back and option pitch to dawan landry. ray lewis returns one for a touchdown and ravens win 37-13.
5:56 am
they are 7-3. still tied with the steelers in the a.f.c. north. ed reed is absolutely amazing. we will hear from derrick mason, ed reed and john harbaugh at 6:25. wild game in foxboro. peyton manning and tom brady hooked up again. this is like ali and frazier of the nfl. first quarter time brady to wes welker. 7-0 new england. third quarter, this guy is becoming a real weapon for the patriots. danny woodhead all of 5'9". tougher hard-nosed undrafted free agent and it is 28-14. but you knew peyton manning would come back and he did. even though his team is decimated, manning to blair white, 31-28. colts are driving and they are in field goal range but manning makes a mistake. james sanders picks it off. 31-28 patriots win.
5:57 am
eagles over the giants 27-17. ravens back home sunday against the bucs. 4:15. schedule says 1:00 but it is a 4:15 start. >> good team this year. >> yes rb, shut out the 49ers. >> here is a look ahead. a manhunt is under way in utah after a park ranger is shot. consumer study reveals your mood could have an effect on how you shop. >> are you an angry shopper? the holiday season seems to be in full force in the windy city. we will look at their light display at 6:40. >> pretty murky this morning with a little fog and drizzle but we have better news this afternoon. >> fog warnings in effect at one of the bridges. we will update that and check for problems out this. an accident on the top side and debris reported in annapolis. oh wow, look at that.
5:58 am
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